Tomorrow’s mobility, today

ECOMOBIX is a company who provides carsharing and ride-hailing services. I help them to create their user facing app and web based back-end system. I work with their internal development team on this project. My responsibilities including UX consulting and UI art direction.

I help their internal team to develop app flows and wireframes for mobile and back-end app. We have done internal user testing to test some key screens. I designed most of the main screens and give directions and feedback to internal team on the rest of the project. I also provided them art bible for mobile and web app.

Mobile App

On our mobile app our biggest challenge was trying to be clean and not confusing user with clustered information.

Web Based Control Panel

I tried to make back end easy as possible. Tried to separate main navigation and all selection categories. Multiple places I used color codes for any filters and categories to make selection or filtering easy.


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